Goal-Oriented Sex

Dirk considers “Regular Sex” to be “Goal-Oriented Sex”. What is the goal? To please yourself, to please someone else, to have an orgasm, to give someone an orgasm. It has a beginning, a middle, and an end, and then it’s over.

But what if you had no goal other than enjoying what you are feeling in the present moment and showing your appreciation to your partner? What if you didn’t care if you had an orgasm or not? What if you didn’t spend your time worrying about how things might turn out, good or bad?

This is the promise of “Tantric Sex”–sex without a beginning or an end, just an extended, highly pleasurable middle that can be paused and picked up again anytime you like.

The Ultimate Sex is a different way of looking at sex.  You use the simple techniques in this site to train your mind and body in order to get the most amount of pleasure as possible out of a sexual encounter. 

For a guy, these techniques can allow him to make passionate love for hours, have multiple orgasms, and leave the experience with more energy than he started with, ready for sex again whenever he has the opportunity. 

For a woman, these techniques can help her to control the depth and intensity of her orgasms.  Instead of spending 10 minutes chasing a Regular Orgasm, she can spend hours keeping one at bay, riding waves of pleasure, ending in a much deeper, more powerful and more satisfying orgasm.  

Because of the length of this type of encounter compared to Regular Sex, there doesn’t tend to be a lot of high energy pounding.  There is no specific rule, but too much rough activity can make the partners sore and end the encounter prematurely.  So instead it is usually slower and more sensual, loving, and erotic.

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