Male Orgasm

Like most people, Dirk used to think that a man’s “Orgasm” was synonymous with a man’s “Ejaculation”. They were 2 words meaning the same thing. It turns out that Dirk was wrong. For a man, Orgasm and Ejaculation are 2 separate events. With practice, a man can have as many orgasms as he wants as long as he doesn’t ejaculate.

A man’s Orgasm is very energetic, healthy, and good for his immune system. It is very similar to a woman’s Regular Orgasm in those respects.

However, Ejaculation releases chemicals that make a man sleepy. It depletes a man of energy and vital nutrients. If he ejaculates too often it can damage his immune system.

The ancient texts are very clear that men should limit the frequency of their ejaculation in order to maintain optimum health. And this frequency should decrease with age. A general guideline by age is shown below.

Age RangeOptimum Ejaculation Frequency
15 – 25 Years3 – 5 Days
25 – 35 Years5 – 7 Days
35 – 45 Years7 – 9 Days
45 – 55 Years9 – 11 Days
55 – 65 Years11 – 13 Days
65 – 75 Years13 – 15 Days
75 – 85 Years15 – 17 Days

For Dirk that’s about once every 10 days, which can seem like a very long time. So what can he do about it?

A man achieves an Orgasm about 99% of the way towards Ejaculation. With the Holdback practices described in this site, a man can learn how to achieve a 99% Orgasm without Ejaculating. After attaining this type of orgasm, he can cool down a bit and then go on to achieve another 99% Orgasm. And there is no limit to how many times he can do this as long as he doesn’t ejaculate.

If he doesn’t ejaculate, he will walk away from the experience with more energy and vitality than when he started and be ready for more.

Dirk eventually learned to separate orgasm from ejaculation although it took him quite a while to discover and master the techniques. This freed him from the time constraints of Regular Sex. He shares his experiences and the techniques that worked best on this site.

Dirk found that a true 99% Orgasm can be very powerful and fulfilling. The temptation to Ejaculate, to go that extra 1%, can be very strong. But the energy and health gains of not ejaculating frequently, the ability to have sex anytime, and the ability to attain unlimited 99% orgasms can be very compelling.

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