Sex as a Meditation

The Tantric traditions are very diverse, but a common thread is that if you approach sex as a divine meditation–physically with a partner or symbolically with the universe–you can gain positive benefits. Some believe this form of meditation is the quickest way to enlightenment and various forms of spiritual power.

Why do we meditate?

Our heads can get full of stressful thoughts. If they consume us they can physically affect our bodies in many negative ways.

It is important to note that these thoughts are not our true selves. Our true self is that which hears the thoughts and decides whether or not to act on them.

These stressful thoughts come from the part of us that people call the “Ego” and fall into 2 categories:

Regrets about the Past

Fears about the Future

However, when it comes to the Present Moment, the Ego is usually silent. This is because we do not generally regret what we are doing right now. We are not usually afraid of the situation we are in right now. Our memories of the past are imperfect. Our predictions of the future are not always accurate. In some respects both are illusions. The only thing that is “Real” is the Present Moment. This is the domain of the Spirit and it has no beginning and no ending.

The primary reason why we meditate is to calm all of those stressful Egoic thoughts for a period of time. This gives both our minds and our bodies a rest, clears our heads and stimulates our immune systems.

The way we meditate is by focusing on the Present Moment. This is what we call “Present Moment Awareness”.

When we meditate, we try to keep our thoughts away from the past and the future and focus on what’s happening at this precise moment–what’s happening in our bodies, our breath, our heartbeat, the things in our immediate environment, etc.

We cannot stop the Ego from creating more thoughts–more fears, worries, regrets, guilt. It is a part of us. If we try to ignore these thoughts they just grow stronger. So we acknowledge them, listen to them and let them go without dwelling on them. Little by little, the frequency of these thoughts will reduce and the mind will become more and more calm. It will become easier and easier and you will feel the benefits in your life.

Present Moment Sex

There are literally hundreds of ways we can meditate in the present moment–sitting, standing, walking, washing the dishes, mowing the lawn. The key is how we manage our thoughts in order to stay in the Present Moment.

Where are your thoughts when you are making love? Are you fantasizing about that cute guy or girl you saw earlier? Are you thinking about what you’re making for dinner? Are you worried you are going to finish too fast or too slowly? Why is your mind somewhere else when you have a willing, loving partner right in front of you?

The Ultimate Sex involves approaching sex as a Present Moment Meditation. When you focus all of your thoughts on what’s happening to you right now and what your partner is doing right now, you are naturally pulled into the Present Moment. You are in fact “meditating”. When this happens, the sexual experience changes. You feel more pleasure, you have more control over your body, and time no longer has any meaning. With practice, the Present Moment feels so good you no longer care about an “Ending”. Hours can fly by like minutes.

This is the type of sex Dirk had been searching for but it involves more than just “clearing your mind”. You need to have a hightened awareness of your body and you need to have some control over your level of arousal. By cultivating these areas a man can have multiple orgasms without ejaculating and a woman can achieve a Superior Orgasm.

Additional articles on this site will look at cultivating awareness of your body and controlling your level of arousal.

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