Silent Missionary Exercise

There is something special about looking into your partner’s eyes. A closeness. An unspoken connection. A tenderness. A naked vulnerability. It can pull you into the present moment and open your heart.

The Missionary Position is a very loving position, allowing you to easily look into your partner’s eyes.

The Silent Missionary Exercise combines these two loving acts. It can help to build closeness and intimacy between sexual partners and can be a powerful and emotional experience.

For this exercise, the man gets on top of the woman and enters her in the Missionary Position. The woman does not move throughout the exercise. The man keeps his penis buried fully in his partner’s vagina and moves it as little as possible. Just enough to maintain an erection.

In this silent and motionless state, both partners look into each other’s eyes. They do not speak. And they do not look away. Instead, they focus on the physical sensations and emotional feelings they are having in the moment.

You may go through a range of emotions during this exercise. You may have the urge to look away, to hide from your partner. And that’s just the first 30 seconds. But this will pass and you may find that some of the mental walls between the two of you will begin to crumble, the line between where your body ends and your partner’s body starts begins to dissolve, and the love and closeness you feel for each other grows stronger.

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