Erogenous Zones

male and female erogenous zones

Are you ticklish? How do you know? You can’t tickle yourself. Someone had to touch you in a certain place in a certain way for you to find out. Have you been touched in all places in all ways? Maybe you’re more ticklish than you think.

Certain parts of our body are physically more sensitive than other parts. We don’t usually notice this when we touch them ourselves, but they can generate all kinds of sensations when they are touched by someone else. Dirk found that when he is aroused, places that might normally be ticklish can feel very sensual and erotic. Some areas were too sensitive to even be touched by someone else at first, but over time the feelings became extremely pleasurable.

Somebody mapped these physically sensitive areas. Of course, the genitals are front and center, but there are sensitive areas all over the body. They are called the Erogenous Zones. These areas are roughly the same between men and woman. Knowing the Erogenous Zones can give you a map to exploring your partner and understanding your own body.

Every body is different. Touching two different people in the same place, in the same way, may have two very different effects. It’s important that you know where you like to be touched and how (lightly, firmly, etc.) so that you can communicate it to your partner. But how do you know what you like unless you’ve already experienced it?

Take the time for you and your partner to explore eachother’s bodies thoroughly. Don’t rush. Have fun with it. Take turns. Try all different sensations; light touches, kisses, firmer touches, massage. Let your partner know what feels good and what doesn’t.

Don’t limit yourself to just the Erogenous Zones shown here. It’s an exploration. You never know what you may find or where you may find it. And there’s something magical about discovering a pleasurable spot on your body or your partner’s body for the first time.

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