Managing Your Pleasure Meter

The key to The Ultimate Sex is the ability to take control over your own arousal. To raise it to a very pleasurable level and maintain it there indefinitely. This level of control allows a man to Orgasm but pull back before Ejaculating and it allows a woman to build and achieve a Superior Orgasm.

Your Inner Pleasure Meter

To fully enjoy sex we need to be in touch with our bodies.  This includes the ability to periodically check in on our own personal state of arousal.  We cannot control our own arousal unless we know at any given time; how aroused we are, how quickly our arousal is increasing or decreasing and how close we are to an Orgasm.  This status lets us know how to proceed; should we use techniques to increase our own arousal? or techniques to decrease our own arousal? or should we just continue to enjoy the pleasurable feelings in the moment?

Dirk does this by picturing an Inner Pleasure Meter.  This meter is very simple and has 3 main zones; Getting Aroused, Just Right and Point of No Return along with an indicator showing how quickly the arousal level is increasing or decreasing.  Dirk’s is shown below.

Being a man, Dirk’s goal is to stay in the Just Right arousal zone as long as possible while periodically edging up towards the Point of No Return—but not exceeding it—in order to reach an Orgasm but not Ejaculate.

A woman would also want to maintain her arousal in the Just Right zone, however, unlike a man, the amount of pleasure she experiences in the Just Right zone will continue to increase as the depth of her potential Orgasm increases.

Think about your own Pleasure Meter.  What does it look like? It doesn’t have to look like Dirk’s, the possibilities are endless. 

Tuning Your Pleasure Meter

Now that you have a picture of your own Pleasure Meter, practice checking in on it while you are having sex.  Remember, the information you need to read from it is:

  • How Aroused Am I?
  • How Quickly is my Arousal Increasing or Decreasing?
  • How Close am I to an Orgasm?

Start with just observing yourself.  Get into the habit of checking in with your body during sex. Eventually this should just take a fraction of a second. 

The accuracy of your Pleasure Meter will increase over time.  Test your readings to tune it.  For example, make a mental note of how aroused you feel when you think you are about to orgasm, then see how much more pleasure you can feel before you finally do.  As this becomes more natural and accurate you can begin to act on your readings.  You can start using the techniques on this site to consciously alter your Pleasure Meter by increasing, decreasing, or maintaining your current state of arousal.

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