The 9 Levels of Female Orgasm

Some women have told Dirk they are “multi-orgasmic”.   The orgasms they have are very pleasurable and fill them with energy.  Experiencing these orgasms does not decrease their sexual desire.  If anything it increases it and they want more and more.

Other women have told him they are not “multi-orgasmic”.  The orgasms they experience are very deep and powerful.  They drain them of energy and sexual desire.  They just want to drift off into a satisfying sleep.

These are very different experiences.  What is going on here?  Are these women’s bodies really that different?

Levels of Female Orgasm

The Taoists say there are 9 levels of Female Orgasm.  These levels are cumulative and arise as more and more of the body’s internal organs become stimulated. 

Orgasm LevelEnergized Organs
ThreeSpleen, Pancreas and Stomach
FourKidneys and Bladder (Regular Orgasm)
SixLiver and Nerves
NineThe Entire Body (Superior Orgasm)

The light, energetic orgasms occur at level 4.  As more and more of the body is stimulated, the orgasms become deeper and more powerful.  The deepest is level 9.  At this point, the entire body is stimulated.  The Taoists call it “Die a little death”.  Dirk prefers the term “Superior Orgasm”

The Superior Orgasm

Dirk has observed a Superior Orgasm many times and it is glorious to behold.  It lasts for minutes, not seconds.  You feel completely satisfied sexually and have no interest for more.  In fact, your whole body is too sensitive to be touched.  The vagina contracts uncontrollably.  The legs are too wobbly to walk.  You just want to lie back motionless and bask in the wonderful sensations.

Controlling Your Orgasm

Taking control over your orgasms allows you to get the most out of your sexual experiences.   To experience the Ultimate Sex, you should be able to choose the level of orgasm you want to achieve.

The key to achieving deeper orgasms, including a Superior Orgasm, is to practice the holdback techniques described in this site.  The longer you hold back your orgasm while you are being stimulated, especially through clitoral stimulation, the deeper and more satisfying your orgasm will be.

Conversely, Dirk believes that any woman can be “multi-orgasmic”, but some are only achieving these deeper orgasms because they are subconsciously holding back.  They are unable to just let go. Maybe they are uncomfortable with their bodies or distracted with other thoughts.  Maybe they haven’t opened themselves up to their partner, or even themselves.  The articles on this site can help you to let go and enjoy these pleasurable, energetic orgasms indefinitely.

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