Believe it or not, there was a time when men, the “experts”, didn’t think that “good” women had orgasms the way that men do.  As a result, sexual energy would build up in women with inexperienced partners to the point where they would become “hysterical”.  These women would visit their doctors for relief.  If they were lucky, their doctor would relieve their pressure by manually stimulating their clitorises in a clinical setting.  If they weren’t lucky, their doctor would perform a hysterectomy.  Eventually, these doctors with their tired fingers invented the vibrator, and it has become the go-to accessory for women everywhere.

Today, vibrators come in all shapes and sizes.  Here are some of the most common types.


A Bullet is a small, basic, multi-purpose vibrator.  They are generally hard plastic, self-contained and not much larger than a finger.  They can be used to stimulate the clitoris alone or with a partner, along with other body parts such as the nipples.  Or they can be inserted into the vagina or anus. 

Because they are self-contained, many of them are waterproof and can be used in places like the shower. 

Because they are small, they are comfortable to be used anally.  They don’t necessarily provide a “full” feeling if used vaginally, but the tip can be directed against the G-Spot, leading to even more pleasurable sensations.

The main drawback with a Bullet is its power.  Most Bullets only accept one battery due to the small size, leading to less intense vibrations compared to other vibrators.


Eggs solve the Bullet power problem by moving the batteries to a separate battery pack, connected by a wire.  The vibrator itself is egg-shaped and usually made out of hard plastic.

Because the vibrator is egg-shaped, it is intended for external use only and not meant to be inserted into the vagina or the anus.

Because the battery pack is separate and includes a controller, it can hold more batteries, allowing for stronger vibrations and has more vibrating options than a Bullet.  However, the wire connecting the battery pack to the vibrator can make things more awkward during sex and the wire and battery packs are generally not waterproof.

Vibrating Dildos

Dildos are probably the oldest sex toys in the world, dating back thousands of years.  They are intended to be the same size and shape as an erect penis and used for vaginal or anal penetration.  Some are intended to give the appearance of a penis, complete with veins and a soft, skin-like texture, while others have a more abstract design.

A Vibrating Dildo is basically a penis-sized Bullet.  As such, they are self-contained and many are waterproof.  Because of their larger size, they can accept more batteries, allowing for a more powerful vibration.  However, their vibration is not usually as strong as an Egg, which focuses the same amount of vibration into a much smaller area than a dildo.

Vibrator Cautions

There are some things to keep in mind with vibrators.

Use Water-Based Lube.  Vibrators made of soft materials such as silicon can dissolve if used with silicone-based or oil-based lubes.  Bullets and Eggs made out of hard plastic are generally safe with all types of lube and are usually inexpensive either way.  However, if you have an expensive vibrator it’s best to stay on the safe side and avoid silicone- and oil-based lubricants altogether.

Keep Your Vibrators Clean.  Vibrators should be cleaned after every use with soap and warm water at a minimum.  All sex shops also sell toy cleaning products.  Vibrators with a lot of groves and other places for bacteria to hide should be avoided because they are difficult to clean thoroughly.   If you insert anything into the anus it should be cleaned before being inserted into the vagina in order to avoid the transfer of bacteria.  A better approach is to have 2 sets of vibrators—1 for vaginal insertion and 1 for anal insertion.

Penis Shaped Dildos can be a Turn-Off.  Using a vibrator during sex with a Partner can be a very satisfying experience.  However, if the vibrator is a large, realistic-looking penis, it can be intimidating to a man.  Most men would prefer to stimulate you with a small Egg or Bullet as opposed to an over-sized, life-like penis that isn’t his own.

Bigger isn’t necessarily Better.  A lot of women love the feeling of their vagina being “full”.  So you would think that the larger the dildo, the better that feeling.  And that may very well be true.  However, the vagina can get used to larger and larger sizes.  When this happens, a “normal” penis may no longer feel satisfying to you and you might not feel tight enough to satisfy your partner.  Because of this fact, Dirk recommends that you don’t use a dildo that is larger than your partner’s penis on a regular basis.  Instead of getting a larger dildo, you can get that same “full” feeling by shrinking your vagina with Kegel exercises which will enhance your partner’s pleasure as well. 

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