When I was a teenager I heard about this thing called “Tantric Sex”. This vague idea, along with other things I read and saw over the years formed the basis of what I would come to call “The Ultimate Sex”. In my mind, “The Ultimate Sex” was:

  • Very Pleasurable
  • Loving and Intimate
  • Sensual and Erotic
  • Long-Lasting
  • Controllable
  • Energizing
  • Mentally and Physically Healing

Let’s just say my early experiences did not meet very many of these criteria. But the dream of unlimited pleasurable sex was too strong. So I spent many years trying to understand how this could be possible. I read countless books and spent hours experimenting with different techniques alone and with a partner.

Finally, I found the answers by combining the mental attitudes of the Indian Tantric traditions with the Chinese Taoist’s deep understanding of human physiology. I learned that sex has as much to do with the mind as it does with the body. That it can be a limitless, transcendental experience. That our bodies are capable of much more pleasure than most people realize. That sex can be healing and build energy instead of exhausting and depleting.

So I decided to put together this site as a way to communicate what I have learned. There isn’t a lot out there between abstinence and hard-core porn so I thought it could be helpful. Nothing here is regurgitated or repeated. I’ve read a lot of fantastic things over the years, but I will only write about what I have personally experienced or witnessed. And believe me, that’s fantastic enough.

For an overview of The Ultimate Sex and what it’s all about, check out Controlling Your Arousal – The Key to The Ultimate Sex.

We are all a little different, I get that. And your idea of “The Ultimate Sex” may be much different from mine. But if you read through the site with an open mind, you just might learn something that will help you to have more pleasurable encounters.

This site is an experiment and I expect it will change considerably as it matures. I welcome your feedback and comments on my posts. I find that people are more willing to express themselves in a safe and anonymous environment. I know I am. So I will try to keep things as open as possible and I strongly discourage any harsh or degrading comments.

With Love to all, Dirk Carlyle