Author: Dirk Carlyle


Believe it or not, there was a time when men, the “experts”, didn’t think that “good” women had orgasms the way that men do.  As a result, sexual energy would build up in women with inexperienced partners to the point where they would become “hysterical”.  These women would visit their doctors for relief.  If they […]

Gods and Goddesses

Sex originates in the brain.  Our thoughts, feelings, and intentions play a big role in determining how satisfying our sexual experiences will be.  The Ultimate Sex occurs when your thoughts are focused on what’s happening with yourself and your partner in the moment (see Sex as a Meditation).   When you are in the Present Moment, […]

Sex as a Meditation

The Tantric traditions are very diverse, but a common thread is that if you approach sex as a divine meditation–physically with a partner or symbolically with the universe–you can gain positive benefits. Some believe this form of meditation is the quickest way to enlightenment and various forms of spiritual power. Why do we meditate? Our […]

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